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In December 2017; We had an assembly to discuss the importance of being active to stay healthy. We spoke about applying for an Active School Flag.

Our Active School Committee have been elected with a member from each class from 1st to 6th class.

January 2018;We have run a competition for our Active Slogan. ***** entry is the winner with

The use of the Lego table is being limited to one break per week per pupil to encourage everyone to be more active.

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All the classes are taking part in Operation Transformation's 10 at 10.

Teachers are using Go Noodle and Just Dance clips for activity breaks during the day, with longer sessions on wet days when the children are indoors.

The committee are surveying their respective classes about what clubs they belong to. They will ask their coaches to see if visits can be made for taster sessions during Active School Week.

Mairéad and Rachel are going to research more active playground games.

January 22nd; We are doing the Million Step Challenge! Bray Local Area Sports Partnership have lent us 30 pedometers and we will take turns using these to count our steps over a week.
Update; Congratulations everyone. Our final score was 2,271,614 !!!!

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February 5th; Active Lines are being introduced. Each break a committee member (with the support of the teacher on yard) will lead 3/ 4 activities while everyone is line up to go in

February 21st; The committee are going to approach the teachers about organising Active School Tours this year.

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March; Playground leaders are teaching a new playground games to whichever class is on the top yard at big break. These games are taken from Jenny Mosley's Play ground Games. Pages are laminated and should be weatherproof.

April 23rd-27th; Active School Week and the launch of our Active Walkway and the 'Do you're Talking while you're Walking' initiative can be done on the supervised yard sections.

May; We are continuing our 'Run to Copenhagen' initiative. Each class are running laps of the pitch (126m) and adding their score to the pot. The number of laps being run per pupils is increasing daily.
The break time dance workshops run by the senior class are continuing with the purchase of outdoor wifi speakers.
The Yoga Shed, a local yoga school will come into the school on 31st May to let everyone have a taster session.

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