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We consider our P.E. curriculum central to the development of our pupil's overall development, helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

Through P.E. the child can experience the enjoyment of physical movement and the satisfaction of achievement, while developing skills and positive attitudes that enhance self-esteem.

Physical education provides opportunities to develop the concept of fair play, the acceptance of success and failure and the ability to co-operate in group situations. These opportunities contribute to the understanding and promotion of a healthy life-style.

Physical education provides important opportunities for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

The PE curriculum provides a balanced range of activities for children through the six strands:

• Athletics; provides a variety of opportunities to engage in the natural activities of running, jumping and throwing. We concentrate on this strand in the early autumn and summer terms
• Dance; creating, performing and appreciating movement as a means of expression and communication. Most classes cover this after in March and April
• Gymnastics; the use of movement in a creative way in response to set tasks, both individually and with others. Children explore movement on the floor and when negotiating a variety. We work on this strand in December and January/February
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• Games; enhances the development of basic skills, and many opportunities are provided for social interaction. This is covered in the autumn and early winter
• Outdoor and adventure activities; concerned with walking, cycling, camping and water-based activities, orienteering, and outdoor challenge activities. We work on this after Easter in the final term.
• Aquatics; gaining competence and confidence near, in, under and on water. This is covered in May and June.

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