Our school vision

“Mol an Óige agus tiocfaidh sí”

St. Patrick’s N.S. strives be a place where pupils develop and acquire knowledge and understanding of the Catholic ethos and sound moral values.
Children are encouraged to develop a respect for themselves, their peers and people in responsible authority and an awareness of the needs of others.

We are proactive in our efforts to achieve this environment through our language and our actions.

The teachers and staff see parents/guardians as partners in this process and seek actively, through word and action, to create a happy climate of physical, emotional, social and intellectual security for students, staff and parents/guardians. In this way teaching and learning can take place within the context of mutually valuing and respectful relationships.

We endeavour to achieve this goal in a climate of positive co-operation, supported by the entire school community of pupils, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish.