Parent Teacher meetings

Parent -Teacher Communication

As the school regards parents as important partners in their child’s education, we place a high value on communication between the home and school.

Scheduled parent teacher meetings take place each year in November. However we hope that you would always feel welcome to approach us with any ideas or concerns that you may have about your child or their education.

For unscheduled meetings, we ask that you make an appointment to see the class teacher. This ensures that valuable teaching time is not taken from your child and the other children in his/her class. The staff will be more than happy to meet you at the end of the day or before school starts.

End of year reports will also inform you of your child’s progress during the year.

The school issues a bimonthly newsletter, which will keep you informed of activities, projects and upcoming dates during the year. This often includes articles and reports from the children themselves and can be used as a great starting point for discussion with your child.

Children from Senior Infants upwards, have a home work journal and this can be used for communication between you and the school.

A notice board in the Car-park displays reminders of closings, upcoming events etc.

The school also uses the Text-a-Parent service to inform you of special events, exceptional closings and as a reminder of scheduled closings. It is vital that the school is kept informed of any changes to your mobile phone number as we have no way of confirming whether or not you are receiving these texts.