Photo tour of Changes for a safe return

Photo-tour of changes at ST. Patrick’s N.S.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back tomorrow. We have been busy preparing the school for your arrival. In order to keep everyone safe, we have made some changes.

We have decluttered our classrooms. Desks in the middle and senior classrooms will be 1 meter apart. You will be placed in a pod or group by your teacher and while normally you will just sit with one other at your table, for group activities and indoor break to times, these will be your group. To help you anticipate the changed lay out, we are sending you this photo tour.

Miss Ambrose’s room

Miss Conroy’s room

Mr. Curry’s room

Miss King’s and Miss Regan’s room

There will be markings in the yard and in the corridor to show 1 metre distance and help you maintain this in your line and coming in from break.

Going home, there are feet painted to help you remain distanced while waiting for your pick up.

Hand sanitising units are placed at both entry doors to the school. There are also units outside each classroom.

There will be posters reminding you to sanitise your hands and how to wash them properly if they are dirty. Pedal bins are being put beside each washing area.

We have prepared a waiting room, so that if someone becomes sick during the school day, they can wait in a quiet place for their mum or dad to collect them.